Our Services

Working together...

Even though the services we offer overlap hugely, they can broadly be separated into the three areas below. To us, it makes sense to outline them all on the same page so that it is clear how they relate to eachother and to demonstrate the importance of a partnership between the three.


Schools have access to a dedicated School Family Worker who will work closely with the school and their families. We provide a year round service and an initial planning meeting followed by regular reviews with the school and family members. We have helped Schools with:

  • Improving attendance and punctuality at school and in lessons

  • Improving behaviour around the school and in lessons

  • Improving homework completion

  • Improving the relationship/communication between parent and school

  • Improving perceptions and understanding of student

  • Undertaking and/or co-ordinating a Families First Assessment.

  • Attending, contributing and leading on TAF meetings where appropriate.

Children & Young People

Our School Family Workers are friendly and approachable and are able to listen to any worries children/young people may be experiencing. They can offer practical ideas and advice to help children/young people with:

  • Feeling more confident

  • Becoming more resilient and able to cope with difficult situations

  • Improving their attendance

  • Becoming happier in school and at home

  • Being more organised

  • Managing their anger

  • Building better relationships

  • Finding appropriate support groups

  • Accessing the right support within the school environment to remove the barriers to learning.

  • Improving social skills and learning to share their feelings

Parents & Carers

Our School Family Workers are happy to meet with you and your child in your family home, school or a location convenient to you and offer a wealth of experience and knowledge to help support with a range of needs, such as:

  • Providing advice, emotional support, mentoring, encouragement, and motivation

  • Managing challenging behaviour

  • Supporting families with children with additional needs

  • Managing finances and household budgeting

  • Housing concerns

  • Changing school/transition

  • General routines and boundaries

  • Assisting with engagement with your child’s school and other agencies

  • Advising on local parenting groups or support groups

  • Bereavement & Separation

  • Support with parenting strategies to improve behaviour and relationships at home